First timer…

I have been wanting to get into the blogging world for so long now.  Ever since the birth of my youngest boy, 8 years ago! Yup, what put me on hold? Well, basically the fact that I have my hands loaded with daily stuff. For instance work, kids, house etc..yea..yea.I know excuses, excuses.  And then there is the fact that when I asked one of my Tech friends who has several blogs, the reply was: You are better off writing a book/novel.  So, of course, I followed the advice and best part? Never got to write it!

So here I am 8 years later, hands full – three boys, a full-time job and a PhD thesis on the way, when would be the better time to start blogging, right? But, here is the thing! I am naturally an introvert. I have a lot of things to say in my mind but I keep them all to myself. I am not the kind of person who would voice out what I think. I always prefer to let it be. Unlike my husband who is such an extrovert! I would gladly hide in a corner until the party ends while my husband would be the life of the party!

I have always written personal journals when I was younger and sometimes, nowadays when I have the time or when I feel like I need to get something off my chest.  Thanks to my fabulous English teacher, Mr. PW.  He encouraged us to write and that was when I knew I had the passion to write.

So again,  here I am folks.  Hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I love writing,  but please be gentle.  I am a novice… 😉


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